SN0419 : MEVSIM: A Monte Carlo Event Generator for STAR

Author(s):R. L. Ray, R. S. Longacre
Date:Apr. 4, 2000
Abstract:A fast, simple to use Monte Carlo based event generator is presented which is intended to facilitate STAR simulation studies and the development of STAR analysis software. This new event generator provides a fast, convenient means for producing large numbers of uncorrelated A+A collision events which can be used for a variety of applications in STAR, including quality assurance evaluation of event reconstruction software, determination of detector acceptances and tracking efficiencies, physics analysis of event-by-event global variables, studies of strange, rare and exotic particle reconstruction, and so on. The user may select the number of events, the particle types, the multiplicities, the one-body momentum space distributions and the detector acceptance ranges. The various algorithms used in the code and its capabilities are explained. Additional user information is also discussed. The computer code implementation exists in both standalone and STAF package forms. The latter version of the code is called MEVSIM.