SN0422 : Simulation Study of Characteristics of the EndCap Electromagnetic Calorimeter for the STAR detector.

Author(s):N.D. Gagunashvili, O.V. Rogachevski, M.V. Tokarev, Yu.A. Panebratsev, L.C. Bland, S.E. Vigdor, P. Nevski, H. Spinka
Date:May. 22, 2000
Abstract:The endcap electromagnetic calorimeter (EEMC) increases the physics capability of the STAR detector to study high-pT and polarization phenomena in pp and pA collisions. In this paper we present a Monte Carlo study of the EEMC performance proposed by the Indiana University group. A geometrical description of the EEMC is implemented in the GSTAR framework. The basic characteristics of the EEMC such as energy and position resolution, and linearity of responses are studied using full GEANT simulation.