SN0423 : Measuring soft photon production with the preshower section of STAR EMC

Author(s):S. Chattopadhyay, T.M. Cormier, A. Pavlinov, S.A. Voloshin
Date:Jun. 12, 2000
Abstract:In this Note we discuss how soft photons from AuAu collisions at RHIC can be detected with the STAR Electromagnetic Calorimeter (EMC) using the Preshower Detector (PSD) which is integrated into the first two radiation lengths of the calorimeter. This work is intended mainly to examine the validity of this approach to soft photon detection and we therefore limit our discussion to questions of the efficiency of photon reconstruction, the purity of the reconstructed photon sample and the possibility to study Event-by-Event mean Pt fluctuations and pi0 flow.