SN0427 : Silicon Strip Detector Reconstruction Chain for the STAR Experiment

Author(s):B. Hippolyte, C. Kuhn, C. Suire, L. Arnold, J. Baudot, D. Bonnet, J. Coffin, M. Germain, C. Cojak, J. Lutz, A. Tarchini, W. Pinganan
Date:Oct. 20, 2000
Abstract:The Silicon Strip Detector (SSD) software developped for the STAR experiment is presented. It contains three main parts, namely the simulation, the reconstruction and the evaluation modules, described in this work with emphasis on the cluster finding and the cluster matching algorithms. Their capability to solve hit ambiguities is highlighted. The efficiency and the purity of the reconstruction chain have been studied as a function of various parameters: the noise level, the rate of dead strips and the detector occupancy. Spatial and energy resolutions obtained with our methods are also presented.