SN0428 : Electric Field Measurements and Calculations for the STAR FTPC

Author(s):H. Huemmler
Date:Nov. 28, 2000
Abstract:This STAR note will give an overview of certain principal hardware matters that were of some concern in the course of the development of the STAR FTPCs and that did not evolve into parts of the data reconstruction software. After a short introduction into the design basics of the FTPC, chapter 2 will briefly summarize the studies on special problems of a radial drift TPC done by Marstaller. The following chapters describe special calculations on the distortions in the detector's electric field configuration, which were done to verify the design of certain FTPC components before the start of production. This STAR note is based on parts of Holm Huemmler's Ph.D. thesis. The full text of the thesis is available from
Keywords:mafia wire angle grid frisch gating distortion field cage