SN0429 : Simulation and Reconstruction of Data from the STAR FTPC

Author(s):H. Huemmler
Date:Nov. 28, 2000
Abstract:The main challenge facing the reconstruction software for the STAR FTPCs is to handle the high track density in the forward region while keeping the consumption of computing time moderate. Making use of fast algorithms initially developed for online reconstruction, the FTPC software follows a conventional approach of cluster finding and track reconstruction from the found points. The cluster finder includes calibration and distortion corrections, while the track reconstruction code includes a fast vertex estimation and momentum fitting. Simulations can be done at the space point level and at the level of electronics response. Simulations indicate that the acceptance and position resolution predicted in the FTPC proposal can be achieved. The average momentum resolution is expected to be 12.5%, and the reconstruction efficiency reaches 80% in parts of the phase space. This STAR note is based on parts of Holm Huemmler's Ph.D. thesis. The full text of the thesis is available from
Keywords:software reconstruction StFtpcClusterMaker StFtpcTrackMaker StFtpcSlowSimMaker simulation cluster track deconvolution calibration distortion exb magboltz vertex acceptance efficiency resolution