SN0431 : TAB connection for the Silicon Strip Detector in STAR

Author(s):C. Suire, L. Arnold, J. Baudot, D. Bonnet, J.P. Coffin, M. Germain, C. Gojak, M. Guedon, B. Hippolyte, C. Kuhn, J.R. Lutz, A. Tarchini, A. Boucham, N. Bouillo, S. Bouvier, J. Castillo, D. Charrier, L.
Date:Mar. 19, 2001
Abstract:The inner part of the STAR detector is composed of the vertex tracker, three layers of Silicon Drift Detector (SVT) and one layer of Silicon Strip Detector (SSD). The Silicon Strip Detector layer is a cylinder of 320 double-sided detectors with 768 strips per side. In order to connect the large number of microstrips (~ 500000 ) of the SSD barrel to the Front End Electronics, a connection process (Tape Automated Bonding) has been chosen to replace the classical wire-bonding technique. The prototypes of modules have been successfully completed and tested in- and off-beam. This report summarizes the tests performed and gives the conclusions about the TAB reliability and efficiency.