SN0456 : Correcting for distortions due to ionization in the STAR TPC

Author(s):G. Van Buren, L. Didenko, J. Dunlop, Y. Fisyak, J. Lauret, A. Lebedev,B. Stringfellow, J.H. Thomas, H. Wieman
Date:Jul. 1, 2008
File(s): GVanBuren_SpaceChargeNIM.pdf

Physics goals of the STAR Experiment at RHIC in recent (and future) years drive the need to operate the STAR TPC at ever higher luminosities, leading to increased ionization levels in the TPC gas. The resulting ionic space charge introduces field distortions in the detector which impact tracking performance. Further complications arise from ionic charge leakage into the main TPC volume from the high gain anode region. STAR has implemented corrections for these distortions based on measures of luminosity, which we present here. Additionally, we highlight a novel approach to applying the corrections on an event-by-event basis applicable in conditions of rapidly varying ionization sources.

Keywords:Calibration; Space charge; Time projection chamber; TPC