SN0548 : EsNET NP Science Network Requirements 2011

Author(s):Jérôme Lauret
Date:Nov. 30, 2010
File(s): Case-study-document-STAR.v3.3.pdf

A NP EsNET workshop is held once every 3 years to help accurately characterize the networking requirements of science funded by the NP Program Office. These requirements serve as input to the ESnet architecture and planning processes, and will help ensure that ESnet continues to provide world-class support for scientific discovery for DOE scientists and their collaborators. The tangible outcome of the workshop will be a document that includes both the network requirements and a supporting narrative. Planing usually covers a 5 years period.

The 2011 workshop was held in August in Washington DC (the workshop is by invitation only). The attached document represents the narrative for STAR, including projected data rates and data size and sub-sequent network bandwidth requirements detailed by Tier centers. We introduced the notion of a STAR Analysis Centers (or SAC), a term implying similar scope and functionality than what is expected of a Tier-2 center.

This report is formally an ESNet report which would be available from the ESNet Publications page (LBNL LBNL-5518E).


Keywords:ESNet, networking, WAN, Bulovka, Prague, PDSF, NERSC, BNL, LBNL, RCF, SAC