SN0588 : EsNET HEP/NP Science Network Requirements 2013

Author(s):Jérôme Lauret
Date:Aug. 21, 2013
File(s): Case-study-document-STAR-2013-v1.2.pdf
Abstract:The goal of this review is to accurately characterize the networking requirements of science funded by the Program Offices. In 2013, a combined HEP and NP workshop was held as both communities rely on the same network paths, have similar workflows and overlapping needs. Workshops of this nature are held once every 3-4 years to re-assess the requirements from all experiments. These requirements will serve as input to the ESnet architecture and planning processes, and will help ensure that ESnet continues to provide world-class support for scientific discovery for DOE scientists and their collaborators. The tangible outcome of the review will be a document that includes both the network requirements and a supporting narrative. The review is by invitation only. The attachment represents the RHIC/STAR NP case.


This report is formally an ESNet report which would be available from the EsNET Program Requirements Reviews report page.


Keywords:ESNet, networking, WAN, PDSF, NERSC, BNL, LBNL, RCF, SAC, KISTI