SN0593 : Thermal neutron flux measurements in STAR experimental hall.

Author(s):Y. Fisyak, O. Tsai, Z. Xu
Date:Nov. 30, 1999
File(s): NeutronI.pdf
Abstract: We report on measurements of thermal neutron fluxes at different locations 
in the STAR experimental hall during  pp $\sqrt s$ = 510 GeV Run 13 at RHIC.
We compared these measurements with calculations based on \textsc{PYTHIA} as minimum bias events generator, 
the detailed GEANT3 simulation of the STAR detector and the experimental hall, and using GCALOR as neutron transport code.  
A good (within $\approx$ 30\%) agreement was found at locations near ($\approx$1m) and very far ($\approx$10m) from the beam pipe. 
For intermediate locations ($\approx$ 5m) the simulation overestimates neutron flux by a factor of $\approx$3.