SN0598 : Studying the Phase Diagram of QCD Matter at RHIC

Author(s):the STAR Collaboration
Date:Mar. 28, 2014
File(s): BES_WPII_ver6.9_Cover.pdf

The STAR Collaboration proposes a second phase of the Beam Energy Scan program at RHIC

(BES Phase-II) to refine our understanding of the phase structure of QCD matter. The proposal

is for two years (2018 and 2019) of dedicated low energy running at RHIC to make high

precision measurements of the observables that have been found to be sensitive to the phase

structure of QCD matter in the first phase of the program.

Updated version:

latest version in June 02, 2014.

Keywords:BES II whitepaper, RHIC beam energy scan, critical point, QCD phase diagram