SN0626 : Proposal for A Novel and Compact Muon Telescope Detector at RHIC

Author(s):MTD Group
Date:Oct. 9, 2010
File(s): MTD_proposal_v14.pdf

We propose a large-area and cost-effective Muon Telescope Detector (MTD) at mid-rapidity

for the Solenoidal Tracker at RHIC (STAR) at Brookhaven National Laboratory. A novel

muon detector utilizing the new Time-of-Flight (TOF) system with precise timing and

hit position is different from the conventional muon detector, consisting of a sandwich

of tracking stations, trigger detectors, and absorbers, in high-energy particle and nuclear

physics experiments. The proposed large-area MTD covers

in pseudorapidity, behind the return iron bars for the STAR magnetic. It will provide

excellent muon trigger and identification capabilities at mid-rapidity in the high-luminosity

era at RHIC. The project will be a joint effort by two institutions from China (USTC and

Tsinghua University) funded by NNSFC, one institution from India (VECC), and several

institutes from the United States (BNL, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, Rice, UT Austin, and Texas

A&M) funded by DOE and NSF. The project responsibilities will be similar to that of the

TOF project. The Chinese and Indian institutions will fabricate the long MRPC modules,

while the US institutions are responsible for the electronics, the assembly of the trays, and

the operation of the detector. We propose to start the project in FY2011 and complete the

project in FY2013.

45% in azimuth and |η| < 0.5
Keywords:Muon, STAR, MRPC, Detector, quarkonia, dilepton, QGP