SN0639 : Letter of Interest: CBM TOF as STAR Endcap TOF for BES-II at RHIC

Author(s):STAR Collaboration and CBM TOF Group
Date:Oct. 15, 2015
File(s): CBM_STAR_LOI_September_30_2015.pdf
Abstract: The CBM collaboration institutions: Heidelberg, Darmstadt, Tsinghua, CCNU, and
USTC and the STAR collaboration are interested in installing, commissioning, and
operating a "wheel" of CBM TOF detectors mounted on the inside face of the STAR
east pole tip, for the RHIC run periods in 2019-2020. This endcap TOF (time-of
flight) detector would extend STAR's particle identification (PID) in the
intermediate momentum range to at least eta of -1.5. The installation would benefit
CBM by providing a large-scale integration test of the CBM TOF system, including
PID and calibration of the detectors, prior to the installation in CBM and the start of
CBM operations. The installation would benefit STAR by providing critical TOF
coverage for BES II (Beam Energy Scan, Phase II). Both the interested CBM
institutions and STAR will participate in the analysis of the physics data provided by
the CBM TOF detectors and benefit from the study of this data, including authorship
of any publications from this data. PID over the extended rapidity range will greatly
enhance the search for critical behavior. The energy range accessible to the
fixed-target program is also significantly extended. We anticipate that several
important questions of interest to the greater physics community may be answered
by the data provided by this cooperative venture. These potentially important
results would be otherwise unavailable without this endeavor.
Keywords:TOF, Endcap, Beam Energy Scan, CBM, PID