SN0773 : The STAR Beam Use Request for Run-22 and data taking in 2023-25

Author(s):BUR Committee
Date:Jun. 1, 2021
File(s): STAR_Beam_Use_Request_Runs22_25.pdf

This Beam Use Request outlines the strong physics programs proposed by STAR collaboration for data taking during Run-22 and 2023-2025.

STAR’s highest scientific priority is to initiate the "must-do" Cold QCD forward physics program enabled by the newly completed suite of forward detectors via the collection of transversely polarized pp data at 510 GeV in Run-22. A combination of soft and hard probes collected during 2023-25 will be used to probe the QGP’s microstructure and continue our unique forward physics program via the collection of high statistics Au+Au, p+Au, and pp data at sqrt(sNN )= 200 GeV.