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Anders Knospe, Yale University
Yield and suppression of electrons from open heavy-flavor decays in heavy-ion collisions
Ph.D. thesis, 2011 () | Thesis file(s):  PDF

Sarah Blyth, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Using the phi meson to probe the medium created in Au+Au collisions at RHIC
Ph.D. thesis, 2007 (English) | Thesis file(s):  PS

Marguerite Tonjes, Michigan State University
Using the Balance Function to Search for Late Hadronization in Au+Au Collisions at a Center of Mass Energy of 130 GeV per Nucleon Pair
Ph.D. thesis, 2002 (English) | Thesis file(s):  PS| PDF

Rosi Reed, University of California - Davis
Upsilon production at sqrt(s_NN)=200 GeV in p+p and Au+Au collisions at STAR
Ph.D. thesis, 2011 () | Thesis file(s):  PDF

Anthony Kesich, University of California - Davis
Upsilon Production and Suppression as Measured by STAR in p + p, d + Au, and Au + Au Collisions at 200 GeV
Ph.D. thesis, 2014 () | Thesis file(s):  PDF

Evan Sangaline, University of California - Davis
Ups and Downs with a Bit of Strange: A STAR Analysis of π/K/p Spectra at High p T in Au+Au collisions at 7.7, 11.5, 19.6, 27.0, 39.0, and 62.4 GeV and Its Physics Implications
Ph.D. thesis, 2014 () | Thesis file(s):  PDF

Peter Maierbeck, Max-Planck-Institut fuer Physik
Untersuchung eines Monitors zur Messung der Elektronendriftgeschwindigkeit in einen Ar/CO2 Gasgemisch
Diploma thesis, 2003 (German) | Thesis file(s):  PS

Xaver Bittl, Max-Planck-Institut fuer Physik
Untersuchung einer Gas-Mikrostreifenkammer für das Auslesen einer hochauflösenden Spurendriftkammer (TPC)
Diploma thesis, 1997 (German) | Thesis file(s):  PS

Alexei Zubanov, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
Diploma thesis, 2006 () | Thesis file(s): 

Prabhat Bhattarai, University of Texas at Austin
Two-particle Correlations of Identified Particles in Heavy Ion Collisions at STAR
Ph.D. thesis, 2016 () | Thesis file(s):  PDF