A_LL Analysis Code


Repository Name: main asymmetry analysis is in "spinlong"
Referring to the Data Map below, other dependencies are:
 - FMS event reconstruction (trigger files to physics trees): "root12fms"
 - relative luminosity: "scalers12" and "scalers13"
 - polarimetry "polarLUT"

Purpose: perform pi0 A_LL analysis for Runs 12 and 13 pp510 GeV, from "Outputset" physics trees,
which are based on DAQ trigger files (see data map below)

CVS Repository: http://www.star.bnl.gov/cgi-bin/protected/cvsweb.cgi/offline/paper/psn0682/

Analysis Note: https://drupal.star.bnl.gov/STAR/blog/dilks/all-analysis-note-0

spinlong Documentation Permalink: http://www.star.bnl.gov/protected/spin/dilks/spinlongDoc/README.html


Most recent documentation found in the CVS 'spinlong' repository as 'README.html'



The figure below shows how DAQ trigger files are converted to ROOT TTrees containing FMS events, as well as
analysis code 'spinlong' and its dependencies. Ellipses are data origins, rectangles are files, and rounded rectangles
are processes. The colors indicate different subsets of the full analysis code+data, and arrows indicate input/output.

Everything in blue is part of the PSU root12fms code. it includes pion reconstruction algorithm as
well as clustering, calibration gain corrections, time-dependent corrections, et al. The majority of this has been
converted to STAR production code, which has been reviewed; see https://drupal.star.bnl.gov/STAR/blog/yuxip/update-fms-code-review

The root12fms code produces OFiles from the trigger files; alternatively, one could use MuDSTs (which already have reconstructed photons) to directly
produce OFiles, called "MFiles"; the resultant MFiles are very similar. Unfortunately, the full photon hit reconstruction in the reviewed code in Yuxi's page linked
above was not enabled in runs 12 and 13 production, and therefore would need to be executed in order to analyze these data
directly from the MuDSTs. The A_LL analysis is actually done with the trigger files instead.
Everything beyond root12fms is the physics analysis code. The main asymmetry analysis code is in the bottom-left; it is called spinlong and needs
dependencies from the relative luminosity and polarization analyses, as indicated.

-- Danny Olvitt went through the relative luminosity code and got similar results; he basically reviewed it.
-- The polarimetry code produced expected results, according to the PWG

---> The highest-priority code which needs to be reviewed is spinlong