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PWG Tasks

GPC 289 Paper Comments:


 Meetings 2019

  • January 22 2020
    • Run 15 Collins effect update (Ting)

DIS 2019 -- p+p to p+pi0+X asymmetries (presentation and proceedings)



Analysis Update to LFS-UPC and SpinPWG

FMS+RP Analysis Miscellaneous Clean-Up Tasks

Azimuthal Uncertainties, Pion Isolation, Pion pT comparison

FMS+RP Asymmetries update + acceptance effects studies

DIS 2019 -- abstract -- p+p to p+pi0+X asymmetries

FMS+RP Systematic Uncertainties

fms meeting -- 01/10/19
-- systematic uncertainties estimate

FMS+RP Rapidity Gap Studies and Asymmetry Control Tests

STAR Analysis Meeting -- Winter 2018

FMS+RP acceptance studies

Current data on disk (MuDST)

Current data sets on disk:
pp510 pp500_production_2017  P18ic  (st_fms)
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  • EEMC Calibration Run 2015

    Description of the performed steps of the EEMC calibration for the run 2015 have been presented in MZ181106_EEMCCali.pdf.

    Attached supporting documents:

    Asymmetries in p+p to p+pi0+X and rapidity gap cut ideas

    FMS Meeting 10/04/18
    - pp->p+pi0+X kinematics
    - First look at asymmetries

    Improving Pion pT and M Cuts for Run 15

    Hot Spot Masking in Run 15 pp transverse

    attachments: presentation for FMS meeting and list of hot spots for each runset

    W+/W- Paper Proposal: (2011-2013)

    Run 15 transverse OFile production status

    STAR Collaboration Meeting -- Lehigh -- Summer 2018 -- FMS and RP correlations