A_LL paper status





  1. Systematics from transverse components
    • \delta A_{LL} = | \tan\theta_B \tan\theta_Y \cos(\phi_B - \phi_Y) A_{\Sigma} |
      • \cos(\phi_B - \phi_Y) typically conservatively estimated to be 1, since \phi_B - \phi_Y is rather difficult to measure
    • Need polar angle of polarization vectors; can be obtained from raw TSSAs [ DETAILS ]
      • Need to download run 12 and run 11 scaler files from polarimetry scaler boards; I have code to read them out and Stephen has code to produce asymmetries
    • Need A_Sigma (errors)... can be obtained from Run 11 pp500; analysis code already written, just need to feed it a clean set of trigger trees (FMS "outputfiles")
  2. Update run 12 & run 13 trigger trees using Steve's updated clustering / isolation code (from the work he's done over this past summer)
    • Run 12 is done! Only needed to reproduce outputfiles (~day of processing time), not their preceding analysis file, the ofiles (~almost week of processing time)
  3. Reproduce A_LL plots binned in p_T for two different eta ranges
  4. Finish up theory curves [ LINK TO STEPHEN'S PLOTS ]
  5. Double-check sigma_max equation (Stephen wants to find the "orignal paper" and cite it)
  6. Any comments / suggestions (e.g. on grammar, content, organization, presentation, etc.)?