E_T Thresholds for Run 12 and 13

pT threshold during runs 12 and 13 was increasing as a function of time, because of radiation damage. For example, see


which plots pT vertically vs. run index, for different triggers (n.b. these plots are a bit out of date (lacking "FMSOR" trigger), but the general idea holds)

For the paper, we'd like to provide E_T  trigger thresholds; but since E_T is a function of pT along with the invariant mass, how can we know what the E_T is at the threshold value?

The following characterizes how close E_T is to pT, given the mass resolution

The conclusion is that, given the mass (energy & position) resolution, E_T is within ~20-30 MeV of the associated pT value within the mass and pT region we're interested in