FMS Maps

Mapping Tables:
These are tables of FMS cell coordinates, channel numbers, patch panel coordinates, QT coordinates, and HV coordinates
Large: [spreadsheet] [PDF]
Small: [spreadsheet] [PDF]

FMS displays, where Z-axis represents the variable listed on the title and the numerical text is the channel number (unless stated otherwise).
An example is below, for QT slot number
For the small cell base addresses, which are hex numbers from 0x00-0xFF, I printed the decimal address number.
There is a LUT for the dec <--> hex conversion printed below.

TTree, where branches are the columns for the above mapping tables

Small cell base address LUT

E0 224
E2 226
E4 228
E6 230

E8 232
EA 234
EC 236
EE 238

F0 240
F2 242
F4 244
F6 246

F8 248
FA 250
FC 252
FE 254