FMS+RP analysis update

We now have a way of producing "OFiles" from MuDSTs, which contain a tree of FMS clusters, hits, and photons, compatible with the PSU root12fms framework, just before the stage where pions + isolation are reconstructed. The following figure shows where this fits into the analysis code (noting that rellum12/13, polar12/13, and spinlong are different for run15):

I built OFiles from most of the run15 data set, and ran them through my analysis code, and here are the (very very early) results:


Following the results of the following drupal post, RP tracks were selected based on the following criteria:
- 2 "golden" track points in the track (golden trackpoint = single cluster in all 4 SSD planes)
- Momentum cut (40-100 GeV)
- At least one track must satisfy the above in a single branch of RP vessels (as opposed to ONLY one good track in east or west, etc.)

First attempt at asymmetries from tracks (still needs a lot of clean-up work, such as adjusting kinematic cuts and masking hot towers):

N = no RP track requirements
EOR = any track in E RPs
WOR = any track in W RPs
ET = (E up and W down) | (E down and W up)
IT = (E up and W up) | (E down and W down)