Run 12 Transverse pp200 Relative Luminosity Ideas

These are notes from my log book:

bit mapping

 - at the FMS meeting, Carl gave a reference to the 2012 pp200 scaler map file,
   showing that board 12 (SCALERC0) is the BBCW tiles scaler board; thus the current
   rellum 12t analysis, which uses this board, has been doing consistency checks between different
   BBC tiles
 - I read through the scaler map file and used the 2012 pp500 DSM board
   output definitions (
   to try to decipher the 2012 pp200 scaler board output:

      BBC East: BB101IN 14   not found
      BBC West: BB101IN 15   not found
      BBC Coin: VT201IN 0    1, 2, 3, 4, 9, A, B, C, et al

      ZDC East: ZD101IN 10   not found
      ZDC West: ZD101IN 11   not found
      ZDC Coin: VT201IN 6    only found in GLINKOUT

      VPD East: VP101IN 14   not found
      VPD West: VP101IN 15   not found
      VPD Coin: VT201IN 11   not found

      ZDCF East: ZD101IN 12  9
      ZDCF West: ZD101IN 14  A


      Board 9: ZDCE polarimetry (cf. Board B for pp500)

      Board A: ZDCW polarimetry (cf. Board A for pp500)

      Board B:
       - bits 0-15 are BBCE tiles
       - bit 16 is BBCX

      Board C:
       - bits 0-15 are BBCW tiles
       - bit 16 is BBCX

Ideas for extracting a relative luminosity:

  - IDEA 1: run12t relative lumi (run12t := run12 pp200)
    - can only rely on scaler map found on trigger system web page
    - BBC
      - Boards 11 & 12 served BBC east & west tiles, respectively; I can
        use tile outputs here for the singles; bit 16 of each board is
        a BBC coincidence
    - ZDC
      - Boards 9 & 10 served ZDC east & west polarimetry; we have ZDC front & ZDC back
        bits for east & west... maybe these can be used as ad hoc ZDC singles;
        we also have ZDC truncated ADC sums
      - GLINKOUT scaler board has ZDC coincidence input
    - VPD not present anywhere

  - IDEA 2: are the scalers written to trigger files?
    - DSM board VT201 sends scaler data to TCU inputs, like DSM board FP201 sends FMS
      trigger data to TCU
    - the 2012 TCU bit documentation shows which TCU output bits correspond to the
      DSM output; I think the FMS code parses this information to obtain FMS
      trigger data.. perhaps it's possible to use this method to extract scaler
      data from the trigger files