Run 17 Voltage vs. Eta i0_2017 settings

UPDATE (2/23/17): i1_2017 settings
- large cells have same limits as run 15
- small cells restricted to 0x10-0xF0
- bitshift restricted to {0,+1}


To start run 17, Stephen and I have implemented a Voltage vs. Eta settings profile based in i8_2015 (iteration 8 of 2015, which was applied day 75, where pp200 transverse began day 66)

The i8_2015 calibration files are here:

A tarball which contains these settings is at

First, we fit the voltage vs. eta distribution profiles to a polynomial; these exclude channels with nonzero bitshift:

Note: the small cells vertical axis is actually a voltage setting (0-256, or 0x00-0xFF in software); the estimated conversion to voltage is shown in the next plot

Finally, here is a picture of the FMS with the voltage settings:

After applying these settings, it looks like the LED peak positions are much more uniform, but we are still testing and working with timing