Run-12 Transverse Jets: Sivers Asymmetries Trigger-by-trigger

Using the same trigger definitions as described previously, I now investigate the effects of trigger bias on the Sivers asymmetries.

Figure 1

Generally speaking there does not appear to be much difference between the various triggers. VPDMB seems to jump fairly substantially around 9 GeV/c.

Figure 2

At high-pT, again, there seem to be nothing but small fluctuations. Only small effects are observed, here, so it may be worth incorporating some kind of normalization as Anselm suggests.

Figure 3

The large fluctuation observed in Fig. 1 seems to stem from the mid-rapidity jets.

Figure 4

There may be a bit of non-zero effects in the difference between AJP and JP2.

Figure 5

Forward jets at low-pT seem to show only small deviations.

Figure 6

Forward scattered jets at high-pT also seem to show no large deviations amongst different triggers.