2019 Isobar Analysis Blinding Status Page

This page gives the current status of the 2019 blind analysis of isobar data, as outlined in the Analysis Blinding Committee recommendation adopted by STAR.

Step-1: Mixed-species Reference

Estimated Completion Date: October 13, 2019 (based on CME-focus meeting discussion, September 30)

From the recommendation:

  • Analysis code and time-dependent Q/A will be tuned on this reference sample, committed to the analysis code repository, and kept unchanged at this stage. Among other aspects, this step will enable extraction of time-dependent spectra for Q/A, detection of time-dependent anomalies, detection of secondary decays, and measurement of peak widths relevant to momentum resolution. The step will also enable detection of beam backgrounds, provided they are strictly time-dependent over periods greater than the time between switching species.
  • After the step-1 data are available, blind-data analysts will estimate a timeline for completing the necessary analyses for partial un-blinding and advancing to step-2. Based on this input from the analysts, management will approve a date for partial un-blinding. Analysts will present regular updates to document progress. Regardless of progress, un-blinding will occur no earlier than the original estimate unless all blind analyses are deemed ready to proceed by STAR Management. Based upon the progress reports, un-blinding may be delayed to ensure the quality of the final results.
  • Prior to the first un-blinding step, analysts will prepare a detailed note documenting the procedures, cuts, corrections, systematic uncertainties, and criteria for any future run-by-run cuts and corrections
  • Prior to each un-blinding step, analysts will provide analysis code for vetting and Q/A by the GPC in addition to the standard vetting within the physics working groups.
  • When the GPC is satisfied that an analysis is ready for un-blinding, analysts will present the status of their analyses to the physics working group conveners and the physics analysis coordinator. As the un-blinding date approaches, analysts discuss with STAR management any need for delays to un-blinding to ensure the quality of results. If an unresolved disagreement exists between analysts, the decision to un-blind or extend the date will lie with STAR management.

Initial Steps: Mock Data Challenge

Completed, March 21, 2019

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