Issue 2040

 RT ticket 2040


Unbiased distributions of first hits on global tracks:

root /star/data63/reco/AuAu200_production/FullField/P10ij/2010/033/11033006/st_upc_11033006_raw_3280001.MuDst.root




Sector 20 is properly inactive, and sector 23 shows a small dip as well (z<0, phi = ~1). Because we reconstruct pile-up tracks across the central membrane ("PCTs",or post-crossing tracks), tracks from sector 4 are reconstructed at negative z where sector 20 should be, thus the non-zero contribution to the z<0 plot. Likewise, the PCTs from sector 20 are absent in the z>0 plot, so there is consequently also a dip where sector 4 should be.

From the OnlinePlots, we can see that sector 23 had its entire inner sector disabled during run 11033006 (see images below), so the dip in tracks there is to be expected.

From these distributions, I see no surprises.



West TPC (sectors 1 through 12):


East TPC (sectors 13 through 24):