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Calibration/Production Update

Speaker : Gene Van Buren ( BNL )

Talk time : 11:15, Duration : 00:15

Another Look at Impacts of SpaceCharge and GridLeak

 I ran a simple test of artificially adding SpaceCharge and GridLeak (in separate tests) to see the impact on pT and DCA using the track-by-track comparison tool (documentation [node:3

Evaluation of PHP security tools

Going through, primarily using staruser01 and dashboard1 for testing and illustrative purposes.  staruser01 is NOT an externally visible webserver



He3 efficiencies (RT2561)

In an effort to take another look at RT2561 (original documentation here), I tried to have a quick look at the He3 reconstruction efficiency as a function of pT (the or

Install Docker & Run STAR SW Container - Scientific Linux

Install Docker & Run STAR Container - Scientific Linux

In search of nightly test slowness

As shown in previous blog posts, some of the nightly tests show very interesting behavior in the ratio of CPU time per event from one test job to another on the same da

In search of 64-bit slowness

 Following recent tests by Dmitri and me that showed no library dependence in the 64-bit slowness,

BNL Active Directory Tools and Notes

Mike Poat sent the following in a very helpful email on December 4, 2019:

Since NetIQ is gone I wanted to offer some instructions on how we access

CPU ratios for nightly tests

I'm posting plots of the results of several of the nightly test jobs from the past 6 days, where the horizontal axis is the 500 events processed nightly (0-499 is Saturday, 500-999 is Sunday, ...etc..

DB & Docker

Docker-based STAR database installations and related tools


October 30, 2018

Removed old fc3 from BCF rack and cleaned up BCF work area

upcoming JAVA licensing changes for 2019

Regarding the upcoming Oracle licensing fee changes (January 2019), it seems to me that STAR need not be affected much, if at all, for the near future.

scp jump through gateways

Dmitry A.

Online Linux Pool switch link aggregation

The uplinks for onlpool-s60-01 and onlpool-s60-02 have each been upgraded from single 1Gb/s links to aggregated 2Gb/s links.

HyperNews and https

Software and Computing Meeting

2017-11-29 12:00
2017-11-29 13:00
America/New York
Wednesday, 29 November 2017
1-189, SRN, at 17:00 (GMT), duration : 01:00
12:00Status of the MuDST to picoDST production ( 00:20 ) 2 filesLevente Hajdu (BNL)
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mysql-workbench on RHEL or SL 7.x with STAR db servers

A few notes here on restoring Leve's access to the scheduler database on after moving duvall to the Science DMZ (

CNAME resolution / expansion in MTAs

This is primarily looking into postfix, but some information about sendmail will also be included.