A look at residuals in Run 12 pp510

Residuals of global tracks vs. padrow for each sector in Run 12 pp510, for 6000 events from run 13108073 (see RunLog for Online QA), using Jan & my calibration of GridLeak dependence on anode voltage, and several cuts on the global tracks used to improve quality and reduce pile-up:

  • has primary track partner, whose primary vertex is...
    • the highest ranked in the event
    • has a rank greater than 0
    • has at least 3 BEMC matching daughters
    • has at least 3 BTOF matching daughters
    • |vZ| < 50 cm
  • doesn't cross the TPC central membrane
  • |η| < 0.8
  • 0.5 < pT < 10 GeV/c
  • Nhits ≥ 25
  • and hits from the track used for the residuals are...
    • within |φlocal|<0.2 of sector center (sectors span |φlocal|<0.262)
    • within |z|<200 cm (i.e. are not "prompt")
    • are on the correct size of the TPC for the sector which recorded them (otherwise would be known to be pile-up)

Dead channels obervable in the Online QA:

  • RDOs: 5-1, 6-1, 7-1, 14-3, 21-1, 22-2
  • Anodes: 3-4, 20-5, 23-1; 7-6 is also reduced, and there are the usual oddities on 5-8 at padrows 38-40

Note: you can open each image in a new browser tab or window for larger PNG, or click to view PDF.

The first plot is average over all z (vertical axes are [-0.075,0.075]):

Next is the a plot of (Resid14 - Resid13)/2 as a function of z (this is essentially half of the residual gap from padrow 13 to 14), averaged over all sectors excluding sector 14 and sectors 2,3,4,20,21,22 (i.e. |φglobal|<0.786):



Below are a pair of plots where I first tried to make these plots but accidentally required CM crossing instead of excluding it, which means that all these tracks are at small z and convolute east and west distortions distortions a little. I did not re-run the exclusion of the first two padrows for the above plots.




Residuals after excluding the first two padrows from tracking: