2021-03-08: Calibration & Production status (STAR Collaboration Meeting)
2021-02-26: Padrow 13 and Padrow 40 static distortions (TPC Documentation)
2021-02-03: Calibration and Production Status (S&C Meeting)
2021-01-20: CVS->Git Update: Test on Library Built and Timeline (S&C Meeting)
2021-01-06: Data production and calibration (STAR Analysis Meeting)
2021-12-09: High priority bug tickets (S&C Meeting)
2020-12-02: Production/Calibration Status (S&C Meeting)
2020-11-05: Calibration/Production Update (S&C Meeting)
2020-10-21: Production Status (S&C Meeting)
2020-10-07: Calibration/Production Update (S&C Meeting)
2020-09-21: Calibration & Production status (STAR Collaboration Meeting)
2020-09-09: Production Status and Plans (S&C Meeting)
2020-08-26: Run19 calibration status (S&C Meeting)
2020-08-19: Bug in st_yellow production (S&C Meeting)
2020-08-19: Run19 mass^2 splitting issue (S&C Meeting)
2020-08-12: Run19 19.6 GeV calibration status (S&C Meeting)
2020-07-29: Run19 TPC drift velocity calibration update (S&C Meeting)
2020-07-15: Calibration/Production Update (S&C Meeting)
2020-07-01: Calibration/Production Update (S&C Meeting)
2020-06-11: STAR Juniors Detector Meeting: TPC (Juniors Meeting)
2020-06-03: Calibration/Production Update (S&C Meeting)
2020-05-06: Calibration/Production Status & Plan (S&C Management Meeting)
2020-01-15: Calibration status and updates (S&C Meeting)
2019-11-27: Newest Calibration status (S&C Meeting)
2019-10-02: Calibration status (TPC focused, NHits and FXT/T0) (S&C Meeting)
2019-09-11: Calibration updates (S&C Meeting)
2019-08-22: Booster Main Magnet Issues (PWGC-Management Meeting)
2019-06-05: Calibration updates (S&C Meeting)
2019-03-14: Effect of updating Run 19 T0s (Detector QA Meeting)
2019-03-13: Run 19 Offline QA status (S&C Meeting)
2018-11-14: Recap of calibration status for 2018 (S&C Meeting)
2018-10-17: Follow-up on JetCorr issue (simulation) (S&C Meeting)
2018-05-30: SpaceCharge calibration issue in Run 18's AuAu27 (S&C Meeting)
2018-04-11: Calibration updates (S&C Meeting)
2018-03-28: TPC issues in Run18 (S&C Meeting)
2018-02-28: BTOF issue, a summary and path forward (S&C Meeting)
2018-02-26: Isobar running calibration needs (Trigger Board Meeting)
2018-02-14: Embedding library updates (S&C Meeting)
2018-01-28: EMC Workshop summary (STAR Collaboration Meeting)
2017-11-03: TPC simulation, path forward (STAR Analysis Meeting)
2017-11-03: S&C Report (STAR Analysis Meeting)
2017-09-23: Software Integration of New Detectors (CBM-STAR Workshop)
2017-09-06: Calibration update for Run 17 (S&C Meeting)
2017-07-26: TPC GridLeak model changes for Run 17 (S&C Meeting)
2017-07-05: Calibrations Update (S&C Meeting)
2017-04-19: Calibration status (S&C Meeting)
2017-04-06: Lasers with StiHR and StiCA (Offline Software meeting)
2017-03-09: Simulations for fSTAR Tracking Solutions (RHIC Spin Collaboration meeting)
2017-02-22; BeamLine for Run 16 dAu low energies (S&C Meeting, but not actually presented as meeting ran long)
2016-11-12: S&C Topics (STAR Analysis Meeting)
2016-11-02: Calibration status (S&C Meeting)
2016-10-27: Potentially Fast Vertex Seed Finding (Offline Software meeting)
2016-10-26: You do not have access to view this node (S&C group meeting)
2016-08-10: TPC GidLeak R&D (S&C Meeting)
2016-07-06: Calibration updates (S&C Meeting)
2016-06-08: Calibration status (S&C Meeting)
2016-05-18: Calibration updates for Run 16 (S&C Meeting)

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