Thanks Akio for helping me find the L2sum trigger information. I implemented it and made plots of pT distributions for each of several triggers. These are now apparently the final trigger assignments including prescaling input.

The runs here are 16070008 16070009 16070010 with about 13 million STAR triggers.

The previous plots that I showed had an error, with Jet1 and Jet0 displayed as Jet3 and Jet 2.  The assignments have been corrected.

Below is the plot for pseudo-rapitidity ~4. The others pseudorapidity regions are best viewed by zooming this pdf file. Note that the jet triggers play a very small role in the small cell event rate! We wont be seeing many Eta mesons in the small cells. 

However, as shown in my last blog entry, the Eta meson peak is showing up in large cells.