A calibration has been done using FMS 200 GeV Au-Au data. On Day 120, (Friday April 29, 2016) we ran with a substantial number of FMS triggers with a cluster threshold around 2.4 GeV/c and with a Jet Veto.  This trigger guarantees that there is a significant fraction of high energy two photons signals in the FMS with modest cell multiplicity. The typical Au-Au FMS event has nearly all cells above threshold (>=1 ADC count).

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e characterizes these FMS triggers. The upper-right and lower-left plots show that the multiplicity is indeed reduced by the jet veto.  These FMS triggers apparently include peripheral collisions and in some of these events we find clear pi0 signals.

I have analyzed 14 runs from day 120, with about 60 million triggers collected. The Runs are:

17120009 17120010 17120011 17120012 17120013 17120014 17120015 17120016 17120017
17120019 17120062 17120063 17120064 17120065 

About 20-25% of these triggers are FMS triggers.  

I have iterated calibration on this set of data, changing calibration corrections to adjust the location of pion peaks.
The result of calibration is summarized here
The correction file FpdCorr.txt  is  also linked.

The following plots show distribution of corrections that improve the location of pi0 mass peaks.

The calibration process is continuing.