POC for calibration request for Year 12 run support

This blog will keep track of the status of answers from the software sub-system coordinators (see this request). The list of software sub-system coordinators Organization.

Names in brackets and in blue are default answers (i..e no answers from the cooridnators): With the lack of answers, the sub-systems implicitly defaults to the coordinator and the coordinator alone to decide - any other requests made on behalf of the sub-system would be ignored. STAR's calibration coordinator (Grant Webb) remains a alternate POC for all sub-systems.

  • EMC2: Alice Ohlson
  • TOF:  Frank Geurts
  • MTD: Frank Geurts
  • TPC: [Richard Witt]
  • FGT: [Anselm Vossen]
  • FMS: [Thomas Burton]
  • Trigger Detectors: [Akio Ogawa]

List closed on 2012/02/16 after more than a week's polling.