On May 2020, the STAR management team has decided to reorganize the STAR software and computing (S&C) activities. The new S&C organization includes an S&C management team which oversees the S&C related issues together with six sub-groups. Please see the following the new organization chart and the subgroup leaders and relevant mailing lists.

The S&C management team members:

Hongwei Ke (BNL), Ivan Kisel (Frankfurt)

Gene van Buren (BNL)

Jason Webb (BNL), Xianglei Zhu (Tsinghua)

Dmitri Smirnov (BNL), Grigory Nigmatkulov (MEPhI)

Dmitry Arkhipkin (BNL)

Jerome Lauret (BNL), Jeff Landgraf (BNL)

Ting Lin (SDU)

Xin Dong (LBNL), Lijuan Ruan (BNL)

Helen Caines, Rongrong Ma, Takafumi Niida (ex. off.)

Torre Wenaus (ex. off.)

Gene van Buren  -  NPPS STAR point-of-contact

Jeff  Landgraf  -   SDCC liaison 

Below is a brief description on the responsibilities of each sub-groups:

Tracking:                             - maintain / develop tracking software

                                             - online/offline tracking merging

Calibration/Production:     - data calibrations (coordinating subsystems)

                                             - production library built and maintenance

                                             - real data production and data management

Simulation/Embedding:     - GEANT geometry maintenance and development

                                             - Event generator integration

                                             - Embedding software maintenance and development

                                             - Simulation/embedding production

Software infrastructure:    - Offline software code review, integration and maintenance

                                            -  StEvent/MuDst/picoDst maintenance

                                            - management of OS, compilers etc and karma permissions

                                            - coordination of efforts for bug fixing

Database:                           - Online databases and maintenance

                                            - Offline databases (Calibrations, Geometry, RunLog) 

                                            - FileCataLog databases

                                            - STAR phonebook / drupal modules

Experimental Computer Support and Online Computing:

                                            - Offline/online computing support for experiment

                                            - Cyber security

The principal members of the S&C structured team are listed below.

  • Data readiness sub-group  - Coordinated by Gene Van Buren (BNL)
    • Calibration Coordinator (+) - Gene Van Buren (BNL)
      (Note: this position can be filled by a remote participant, allowing time release for calibration R&D)
    • Database administration and support (R&D falls under infrastructure) - Dmitry Arkhipkin (BNL)
    • Quality Assurance Coordinator - Lanny Ray (UTA)
      • Online QA - Jeffery Landgraf (BNL)
      • Offline QA - Alexander Jentsch (UTA)
  • Offline software - activities are oversight by the co-leaders
    • Offline reconstruction and simulation - Transitional Structure - Coordinated by Jason Webb (BNL)
      • Reconstruction leader (+Simulation leader (+)
        This area is currently co-lead by Victor Perevoztchikov and Jason Webb (BNL) with an emphasis on Victor:reconstruction, Jason:simulation.
      • Jason Webb (BNL) - Simulation support specialist (Start November 2nd 2009)
      • General offline software & sub-system support - Dmitri Smirnov (BNL)
    • Embedding Coordinator (You do not have access to view this node) - Xianglei Zhu (Tsinghua)
      • Embedding Deputies - Xionghong He (IMP, Lanzhou), Maowu Nie (Shandong Univ.)
      • Embedding helpers
        • LFS/UPC:     Yi Fang (Tsinghua), Yiding Han (Rice Univ.)
        • HP:              Diptanil Roy (Rutgers)
        • CF:               Yongcong Xu (CCNU)
        • ColdQCD:    Hannah Harrison (Kentucky)
          • Members before 08/20222
          • Embedding Deputy, base QA support (for NERSC) - Derek Anderson (TAMU)
          • Embedding Deputy (Other) - Ning Yu (CCNU)
          • Embedding Helpers (see the You do not have access to view this node for more information)
            • Spin:           Amilkar Quintero (Temple), Joe Kwasizur (CEEM)
            • HF:              Yuanjing Ji (USTC), Robert Líčeník (CTU)
            • LFS/UPC:     Leszek Adamczyk (AGH), Dave Stewart (Yale)
            • Jet-like-corr:Prabhat Bhattarai (UTA), Zillay Khan (UIC)
            • Bulk-cor:      Jinlong Zhang (),Shu He (CCNU)
  • Data production and library - Coordinated by Lidia Didenko (BNL) -> Amol Jaikar (BNL)
    • Production coordinator (+) and Software Librarian () - Lidia Didenko (BNL) -> Amol Jaikar (BNL, 1/2 time)
    • Distributed production support - Levente Hajdu (BNL) @ 1/3rd time
  • Infrastructure, software infrastructure, Middleware support, technology evaluation and integration - Coordinated by Jérôme Lauret (BNL)
    • ROOT development, visualization & software architecture, R&D and support - [X]
    • Levente Hajdu (BNL) - (1/3rd) technology provisioning and development of tools (for local or distributed computing)
    • Computer Operation and user support
      • Wayne Betts (BNL) - Computer support
      • Michael Poat (BNL) - Computer support: BNL user's laptop and desktop (purchase, setup, OS upgrades and software) + visitors laptops (troubleshooting, system setup for BNL compliance, cyber-security)
    • Grid Operations and OSG activities - Coordinated by Douglas Olson (LBNL) and Wayne Betts (BNL)
      • [X] - Activity Coordinator
      • Wayne Betts (BNL) - Grid Operation coordinator and distributed facility point of contact
      • Levente Hajdu (BNL) - (1/3rd) Grid Technology support 
  • Cyber Security - STAR has been authorized to deploy, implement and maintain its own tools and hardware that comply with the spirit of the law (but are least-intrusive to STAR workflows and operations)
    Several point of contacts are crucial to STAR's smooth operation.
    • Cyber Security System Owner - Jerome Lauret  (please contact for matters of policies and divergence to the CS rules)
    • Cyber Security Information Systems Security Officer - Wayne Betts (please contact for any issues with implementation of the Cyber security tools, including STAR's approach)
    • Cyber Security trusted system admin - Michael Poat (versed in CS implementation and policies and trusted by the CS team for implementation)


Other supporting efforts & members

  • Related to Software infrastructure
    • Thomas Ullrich (BNL / Yale) - StEvent support -> Jason Webb (BNL) (03/2022)
    • Daniel Brandenburg (Rice) - MuDST support
    • Grigory Nigmatkulov (MEPhI) - picoDST support
    • Dmitri Smirnov (BNL) - Vertex Finder support   [NB: formally a PWG activity]
    • Hongwei Ke (BNL) - Web master and Web support (+)
  • Related to Computing and facilities Operations - Off-site facilities - This section includes central and/or distributed facility support 
    • Jeff Porter & Jan Balewski (LBNL) - NERSC/PDSF support -> Irakli Chakaberia (LBNL) (06/2021)

The Software Sub-system coordinators (+) in each specialized area are as follows :

Detector sub-systems:

  • TPC Software – Yuri Fisyak (BNL)
  • GMT Software –   [vacant] 
  • DAQ Software – Jeff Landgraf (BNL)
  • EMC2 Software - (co-lead / historically in two groups)
    • BEMC: Navagyan Ghimire (Temple) (11/2021) / EEMC: Zilong Chang (Indiana Univ.) (03/2022)
    • taken over from Raghav Kunnawalkam Elayavalli (WSU)/ Nicholas Lukow (Temple)
  • FMS/FPS Software - Oleg Eyser (BNL)
  • bTOF/VPD Software - Frank Geurts -> Zaochen Ye (Rice)
  • eTOF Software - Florian Seck (Darmstadt) -> Philipp Weidenkaff (Heidelberg) -> Yannik Soehngen (Heidelberg)
  • MTD Software - Rongrong Ma (BNL) 
  • Trigger Detectors (BBC, FPD, CTB, ZDC, MWC, ...) - Akio Ogawa (BNL)
  • HFT Software - Xin Dong (LBNL)
  • HLT Software - Hongwei Ke (BNL) -> Diyu Shen (Fudan) (04/2022)
  • PP2PP/RP Software - Yip Kin (BNL)
  • EPD - Prashant Shanmuganathan (Lehigh)
  • Forward Upgrade - Daniel Brandenburg (BNL). Forward Upgrade includes FCS, sTGC and FST. PoCs are
    • FCS - Akio Ogawa (BNL)
    • sTGC - Daniel Brandenburg (BNL)
    • FST - Shenghui Zhang/Zhenyu Ye (UIC)

The below sub-systems are no longer supported in STAR (detector system physically removed) - green are sub-systems with no software support, blue are the ones with some support:

  • eSTAR R&D - Ming Shao (USTC)
  • TPC Software – Richard Witt (Yale, USNA) & Yuri Fisyak (BNL)
  • FGT Software - Xuan Li (Temple)
  • FTPC Software - Janet Seyboth (MPI)
  • PMD Software - Rashmi Raniwala (U. Rajasthan)
  • RICH Software - Boris Hippolyte (Yale)
  • L3 Software - Thorsten Kollegger (Frankfurt)
  • SVT Software - Helen Caines (Yale)
  • SSD Software - Jonathan Bouchet (KSU)
  • HCAL Software - Wangmei Zha (USTC)

The names below reflect the list of software coordinators while diverse projects were in R&D phase. The projects moved to full projects in 2007

  • Offline Heavy Flavor Tracker Software - Andrew Rose (LBL)
  • Offline Inner Silicon Tracker Software - Mike Miller (MIT)
  • Offline Hybrid Pixel Detector Software - Sevil Salur (Yale)

The computing and software effort is closely associated with the Physics Working Groups. STAR physics analysis software runs within the context of the computing infrastructure, taking the DST as input. The physics working groups have responsibility for the development of physics analysis software. The STAR Physics Analysis Coordinator acts as coordinator between the PWGs and computing. The PAC's responsibilities are described here.

Rongrong Ma (BNL) is the current STAR Physics Analysis Coordinator.


STAR Software & Computing is headed by
Dr. Jérôme Lauret and Dr. Gene Van Buren located at the Brookhaven National Laboratory.

S&C Team November 2018
From left to right: Gene Van Buren, Dmitri Smirnov, Lidia Didenko, Jason Webb, Victor Perevoztchikov,
Dmitry Arkhipkin, Michael Poat,
Levente Hajdu, Amol Jaikar, Wayne Betts, Jérôme Lauret

The S&C management structure is as below. Unless otherwise specified, [X] indicates an activity area whose overall coordinator has been missing and co-lead (either internally absorbed or activity dropped).

  • Jérôme Lauret (BNL)    - Software & Computing project Leader    
  • Gene Van Buren (BNL) - Software & Computing project co-leader