BEMC Software Coordinator Tasks

1. Preparation for the run
    1.1 initialize database timeline
  • Copy previous year tables to a new timestamp which is provide by Software leader. 
  • for both "ofl" and "sim"
  • scripts : Change timeOld to newer year, change timeNew for "ofl" and "sim" and run twice. Check from database browser
    1.2 prepare online monitoring scripts     1.3 coordinate volunteers who are willing to help with the online monitoring
  • Volunteers will be very helpful for the monitoring tasks

2. Online monitoring

     2.1 Keep monitoring the online script running; 
  • monitoring scripts could crash some time, if happens, fix it immediately
     2.2 Update reference pedestal tables;
  • update timely based on everyday's monitoring
     2.3 Update reference plots. 
       Note: Stop the monitoring jobs once the run concluded

3. Calibration
    3.1 In-run calibration     3.2 After-run calibrations,
  • QA'ed Status/pedestal tables should be made and uploaded to the database before data production. This task is more time consuming than the others. Helps from another collaborator/volunteer are usually needed. 
  • Upload BEMC trigger DB file once the run is ended. 

4. Software maintenance

    - Work together with BEMC software experts to maintain the BEMC related codes.

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