AgML Library Tuneup III

The STAR AgML Geometry Comparison with STARSIM/AgSTAR page compares the AgML geometry to the AgSTAR geometry.   This page may be transient... i.e. you may need to follow a link to the 06/13/2011 comparsion at some point.  For now it just shows the comparison made on 06/13.

Issue #1: y2008, y2008a, y2008b show numerous errors in the BTOF.  Tracked down probable cause to setting the X0 and Y0 values in BTOG structure during detector construction.  The AgStructure::AgDetpAdd(...) function is case sensitive (and all should be lower-cased for AgML-defined structures).  

Issue #2: y2005b appears to have BTOF configuration problems.... but nothing obvious in the code.   Could be (1) overlap with TPCE, CALB, ... (2) Something lost/added in translation from AgSTAR, (3) ... ?

Issue #3: FTPC in y2007h and earlier appears to be misconfigured.  The FTPC checks whether the SVT has been created or not... and if it has, it places the FTPC withing that volume.  Otherwise the CAVE.  This is a dependency on the order in which the two detectors are built... which I did not respect in AgML/Geometry.cxx.  I suspect/expect this will also change many of the differences seen in the SVT... i.e. we probably have overlaps.

Issue #4: VPDD in y2006-y2006h....  looks like type mismatch in USE reference.  I need to figure out a better way to handle this issue, but for now just change the type.

Issue #5: Nitrogen gas density in TOIG.

Issue #6: We still have many many many errors in the PHMD.  Checked materials... they look reasonable.   Checked position.  Correct. 

Issue #7: MUTD... too much detector in y2006h.  Odd, because mutdgeo wasn't changed in the y2006 geometry tags.  should be identical to y2006, etc... No obvious reason in code for the difference.

Issue #8: TPCE ... lots of differences registered in y2006 geometries.  Look like fairly minor problems which I will punt on for now.


Issue #1 was not resolved by the fix to the master geometry file.

Issue #2 we punted on...

Issue #3 above ... FTPC now appears in geometries containing the SVT.  SVT issues have not been resolved.

Issue #4 above... VPDD much improved.  Volume VPMT appears to be missing... (suspect it might be important...)

Issue #5 above... fixed.

Issues #6-8 we punted on.

Y2011 -- With the exception of the PhMD, everything looks fine.  The TPC issues are small, related to an unknown change in the naming of cooling tubes.

Y2010 -- In y2010a the BTOF has issues.  a-->b two relevant changes: (1) BTOF66 --> BTOF67 flag, and (2) TPCE04 -->TPCE04r flag (also switch from tpcegeo3 to 3a)

Y2009 -- Again the BTOF has issues... flag is BTOFc6 and BTOFc7... meaning we use BtofGeo6 and BtofGeo7.  We have both the TPCE04 and 04r flags... so the problem does not appear related to the TPC overlap.  Looks like a configuration error in the BTOF in those two geometry files?  Looks like an error in translation.  BRSG has the wrong shape, should have the same dx dimension as BRIG.

Y2008 -- y2008c looks good.  y2008b has BTOF issues...

y2007 -- BTOF looks good for the year.

y2006 -- BTOF looks good for the year.

y2005 -- BTOF looks good back to y2005b.

 Lots of SVTT configuration problems... I suspect that this is likely a type-sensitivity issue in the AgStructure::Add code and / or Use code.

The .commands folder is empty.  So the SVT construction code is not setting up the interface properly.

from geometry.g::

001 If (SVTT) {
003     call AgDETP new ('SVTT')
004     if (nSvtLayer < 7)     call AgDETP add ('svtg.nlayer=',   nSvtLayer,1)
005     if (nSvt1stLayer > 1)  call AgDETP add ('svtg.nmin=',     nSvt1stLayer,1)
006     if (PipeConfig >= 4)   call AgDETP add ('svtg.ifMany=',     1,1)
007     if (nSvtVafer > 0)     call AgDETP add ('svtl(3).nwafer=',nSvtVafer,1)
008     if (svtWaferDim > 0)           call AgDETP add ('swca.WaferWid=', svtWaferDim,1)
009     if (svtWaferDim > 0)           call AgDETP add ('swca.WaferLen=', svtWaferDim,1)
010     if (.not.svtWater)     call AgDETP add ('swam.Len=',       0, 1)
011 ... 
xxx } 

Line 007 is an issue. At present the AgStructure code modifies the 1st version of the structure which is defined. The AgDETP parser in AgSTAR allows the user to select different versions to modify. The svtl(3).nwafer = blah... instructs AgSTAR to select version=3 and modify nwafer in that version. So I need to emulate this behavior. Somehow. NOTE: Only inmportant for y2003a and before.


But there is also the issue as to why the other agdetp commands are not being registered in the .commands folder.  Tracked this down to a type-mismatch between svttGeom and the data structures internal to the svt geometry.