FHC and FMS energy deposit practise

      I am following Qinghua's geometry and kumac files to see the energy deposit in FMS and FHC with energy 30 GeV.

    The position of FHC and FMS is like following,


    I shot particle from (0,0,0) to (100,0,850) with energy 30 GeV. Then compare the energy deposit in FMS, FHC and both of them.


    First, I tried neutron, pi+, pi-, and pi0. The pictures are in


   For example,  the following plots are about the energy deposit in FMS+FHC.

    1, Neutron:

  2, Pion+:

  3, Pion0

  4, Pion-:

     Second, I  shot a neutron with 30 GeV energy from (0,0,0) to (x,0.850), where x change from 80 to 160 with step 10.

     Then I plot the energy deposit in FMS, FHC and both.

     The error bars using RMS value in energy distribution. It's very interesting to see the second point is a bit different from other points in these three plots. And the energy efficiency is a bit lower than 70% (20/30~66.7%).