EEMC Calibration Run 2015

Description of the performed steps of the EEMC calibration for the run 2015 have been presented in MZ181106_EEMCCali.pdf.

Attached supporting documents:

1. Plots

  • smdAll.Fit_.pdf - exponential fits to the slopes of the ADC distributions for SMD strips.
  • smdRefitted.Fit_.pdf - Refitted by hand ADC spectra for SMD strips which failed the automatic fitting procedure
  • PQRAll.Fit_.pdf - Landau fits to the gated ADC spectra for Preshowers (1 - P, 2 - Q) and Postshower (R) detectors
  • TAll.Fit_.pdf _ Labdau + gauss fits to the gated ADC spectra for Towers
  • PQRT.GainCompMethodsSect3.pdf - Comparison of the ADC spectra and extracted MPVs for elements in the sector 03 for 2 tested MIP ID methods (with SMD 03V layer "switched-on" and "off" in the MIP selection algorithm)
  • smdAll.Refit_.pdf - SMD ADC spectra summed for 12 stripes and fitted with Landau function
  • smd.MPVCorr.pdf - Extracted MPV for every SMD layer and sector, and MPV for SMD layers at the same depth fitted with pol4 (to extract the gain correction)
  • PQRTSmd.GainCompYear.pdf - Comparison of extracted gains for all EEMC layers with 2012/2013 calibrations and with ideal gains

2. Text files

  • xAll.Mask_.txt - masked elements for detector x
  • xAll.Mask_.Sect03.txt - masked elements for sector 3 for which the gain has to calculated with layer SMD 03V excluded from the MIP ID algorithm for detector x
  • xAll.Gain_.txt - extracted gains for detector x