If you do NOT have a grid certificate yet or need to renew your certificate, you need to either request a certificate or request a renewal. Instructions are available as:

A few notes
  • Your Sponsor and point of contact should be "Jerome Lauret"  the STAR/VO representative (and not your supervisor name or otherwise)
  • Note that as a request for a CERT, being added to the STAR VO requires approval from the STAR/RA and the STAR/VO representative (the RA are aware of this - best chance for your request to be promptly approved is to have the proper "Sponsor")
  • It does not hurt to specify that you belong to STAR when the ticket is created
  • Please, indicate on the request for a CERTificate what is your expected use of Grid services (data transfer? rnning jobs? anything else?)
  • Requesting a using a CERT and using it binds you to the OSG Policy Agreement you have to accept during the request. Failure to comply or violations will lead to a revocation of your CERT validity (in STAR, you have to expect that your VO representative will make sure of the polity IS respected in full)
  • The big advantage of renewing a CERT rather than requesting a new one is that the CN will be preserved (so no need for gridmap change)
  • The STAR/VO does NOT acept CERT-ificates other than STAR related CERT-ificates that is, OSG DigiCert-Grid CERT obtained for STAR related work and purposes. A user owning a CERT from a different VO will not be granted membership in VOMS - request a new CERT uniquely associated to STAR related work.
  • STAR rule of thumb / convention - Additional user certificates mapped to generic accounts: the CN would indicate the CERT owner's name. The generic account would appear in parenthesis. An example: /CN=Lidia Didenko (starreco)
  • STAR rule of thumb / convention - Service certificates: The CN field shows the requestor of the certificate


Having a CERT is the first step. You now need to be part of a Virtual Organization (VO).

STAR used VOMRS during PPDG time and switched to VOMS at OSG time to maintained its VO user's certificates.
Only VOMS is currentely maintained. A VO is used as a centralized repository of user based information so all sites on the grid could be updated on addition (or removal) of identifications. VOMS service and Web interface are maintained by the RACF.