Set up replication slave for Offline and FC databases

Currently, STAR is able to provide nightly Offline and FC snapshots to allow easy external db mirror setup.
Generally, one will need three things :

  1. MySQL 5.1.73 in either binary.tgz form or rpm;
  2. Fresh snapshot of the desired database - Offline or FileCatalog;
  3. Personal UID for every external mirror/slave server;

Current STAR policy is that every institution must have a local maintainer with full access to db settings. 

Here are a few steps to get external mirror working :

  1. Request "dbuser" account at "", via SKM ( );
  2. Log in to;
  3. Cd to /db01/mysql-zrm/offline-daily-raw/ or /db01/mysql-zrm/filecatalog-daily-raw to get "raw" mysql snapshot version;
  4. Copy backup-data file to your home location as offline-snapshot.tgz and extract it to your db data directory (we use /db01/offline/data at BNL);
  5. Make sure your configuration file (/etc/my.cnf) is up to date, all directories point to your mysql data directory, and you have valid server UID (see example config at the bottom of page). If you are setting up new mirror - please request personal UID for your new server from STAR DB administrator, otherwise please reuse existing UID; Note: you cannot use one UID for many servers, even if you have many local mirrors - you MUST have personal UID for each server.
  6. If you are running Scientific Linux 6, make sure you have either /etc/init.d/mysqld or /etc/init.d/mysqld_multi scripts, and "mysqld" or "mysqld_multi" is registered as service with chkconfig.
  7. Start MySQL with "service mysqld start" or "service mysqld_multi start 3316". Replication should be OFF at this step (skip-slave-start option in my.cnf), because we need to update master information first.
  8. Log in to mysql server and run 'CHANGE MASTER TO ...' followed by 'SLAVE START' to initalize replication process.

Steps 1-8 should complete replication setup. Following checks are highly recommended :

  • Make sure your mysql config has "report-host" and "report-port" directives set to your db host name and port number. This is requred for indirect monitoring.
  • Make sure your server has an ability to restart in case of reboot/crash. For RPM MySQL version, there is a "mysqld" or "mysqld_multi" script (see attached files as examples), which you should register with chkconfig to enable automatic restart.
  • Make sure you have local db monitoring enabled. It could be one of the following : Monit, Nagios, Mon (STAR), or some custom script that does check BOTH server availability/accessibility and IO+SQL replication threads status. 

If you require direct assistance with MySQL mirror setup from STAR DB Administrator, you should allow DB admin's ssh key to be installed to

At this moment, STAR DB Administrator is Dmitry Arkhipkin ( - feel free to contact me about ANY problems with STAR or STAR external mirror databases, please. 

Typical MySQL config for STAR OFFLINE mirror (/etc/my.cnf) :

[mysqld]<br />
user = mysql<br />
basedir = /db01/offline/mysql<br />
datadir = /db01/offline/data<br />
port = 3316<br />
socket = /tmp/mysql.3316.sock<br />
pid-file = /var/run/mysqld/<br />
skip-locking<br />
log-error = /db01/offline/data/offline-slave.log.err<br />
max_allowed_packet = 16M<br />
max_connections = 4096<br />
table_cache=1024<br />
query-cache-limit = 1M<br />
query-cache-type = 1<br />
query-cache-size = 256M<br />
sort_buffer = 1M<br />
myisam_sort_buffer_size = 64M<br />
key_buffer_size = 256M<br />
thread_cache = 8<br />
thread_concurrency = 4<br />
relay-log=/db01/offline/data/offline-slave-relay-bin<br />
relay-log-index=/db01/offline/data/offline-slave-relay-bin.index<br />
relay-log-info-file=/db01/offline/data/<br />
master-info-file=/db01/offline/data/<br />
replicate-ignore-db = mysql<br />
replicate-ignore-db = test<br />
replicate-wild-ignore-table = mysql.%<br />
read-only<br />
report-host = [your-host-name]<br />
report-port = 3316<br />
server-id = [server PID] <br />
# line below should be commented out after 'CHANGE MASTER TO ...' statement applied.<br />
skip-slave-start [mysqld_safe]<br />
log=/var/log/mysqld.log<br />
pid-file=/var/run/mysqld/<br />

Typical 'CHANGE MASTER TO ...' statement for OFFLINE db mirror :


You can find [PASS] in, robinson-bin.00000[ZYX] and [XYZ] in files in offline-snapshot.tgz archive