Run 18 shift dues


Run 18 Shift Dues & Notes

Period coordinators

As usual, period coordinators are pre-assigned, as arranged by the Spokespersons.

Special arrangements and requests

  1. Under the family-related policy, the following 6 weeks of offline QA shifts were pre-assigned:
    MAR 27 Kevin Adkins (Kentucky)
    APR 03 Kevin Adkins
    APR 10 Sevil Salur (Rutgers)
    APR 17 Richard Witt (USNA/Yale)
    MAY 22 Juan Romero (UC Davis)
    JUN 12 Terry Tarnowsky (Michigan State)
  2. Lanny Ray (UT Austin), as QA coordinator, always is pre-assigned the first QA week.
  3. FIAS remains in “catch-up mode” and is taking extra shifts above their dues. Pre-assigned shifts can be requested in this scenario. FIAS has been pre-assigned 4 Detector Op shifts.
  4. Bob Tribble (TAMU) requests the evening Shift leader slot during Apr 10-17.