Fast Offline QA Shift Report Preparation and Instructions for Run 22


Purpose of Form:

The main purpose of the shift report form is to guide the shift crew through the principal tasks which must be performed during the offline QA shifts. The QA team has made every effort to keep this form simple and compact. In Runs 3 - 16 we used a simplified form which we are again using for Run 22. The form again uses the special dialog box for reporting summaries of the Fast Offline QA which will be sent directly to the Shift Crew leaders and Period Coordinator for the appropriate run period. The emphasis of the reports should be on substantive, detailed comments. Comments should be succinct, but lucid enough so that anyone reading the report can understand the reason(s) for marking the job as suspect. The compactness of the report form does not however diminish the responsibility of each shift crew member to carefully scrutinize all the available information about each production job and to write a clear, verbal description of suspected problems.

Fast Offline QA reports are directed to the Shift Leaders and Period Coordinator for the appropriate shift-week. The summaries should emphasize only what changes day-to-day in the hardware, calibration and/or reconstruction software performance. Ongoing, persistent hardware/software problems should be reported for all runs where these issues occur for the archival record. The copy feature of the Shift Report Form is helpful for such reporting. Note that the QA Issues mechanism tracks day-to-day changes in reported problems and automatically notifies the shift leaders of those changes via starqa hypernews.


Web Based QA Shift Report Form:

An Offline QA Web based report form is provided. The fields are described on the form and should be self explanatory. Upon completion of this form an ASCII text version is automatically generated and emailed to 'starqa-hn' for distribution and archived as a permanent record. If the web page is unavailable an ASCII text template is also available (see year 2002 QA shift report instructions page). The QA reports are automatically linked to the Online Run Log for that run ID number. Please use the "play" version if you are a first-time user to practice before doing the real thing.

Please follow the instructions in the top panel and elsewhere on the report web forms. Please complete all information on the forms.

If problems are suspected you must contact by email and telephone, if necessary, the appropriate

QA Experts


Other Experts

Enter the names of the people and/or mailing lists which were notified in the final section of the report form.