Reconstruction Code QA


 As a minimal check on effects caused by any changes to reconstruction code, the following code and procedures are to be exercised:


  1. A suite of datasets has been selected which should serve as a reference basis for any changes. These datasets include:

    1. Real data from Run 7 AuAu at 200 GeV

    2. Simulated data using year 2007 geometry with AuAu at 200 GeV

    3. Real data from Run 8 pp at 200 GeV

    4. Simulated data using year 2008 geometry with pp at 200 GeV


  2. These datasets should be processed with BFC as follows to generate historgrams in a hist.root file:

    1. root4star -b -q -l 'bfc.C(100,"P2007b,ittf,pmdRaw,OSpaceZ2,OGridLeak3D","/star/rcf/test/daq/2007/113/8113044/st_physics_8113044_raw_1040042.daq")'

    2. root4star -b -q -l 'bfc.C(100, "trs,srs,ssd,fss,y2007,Idst,IAna,l0,tpcI,fcf,ftpc,Tree,logger,ITTF,Sti,SvtIt,SsdIt,genvtx,MakeEvent,IdTruth,geant,tags,bbcSim,tofsim,emcY2,EEfs,evout,GeantOut,big,fzin,MiniMcMk,-dstout,clearmem","/star/rcf/simu/rcf1296_02_100evts.fzd")'

    3. root4star -b -q -l 'bfc.C(1000,"pp2008a,ittf","/star/rcf/test/daq/2008/043/st_physics_9043046_raw_2030002.daq")'

    4. ?


  3. The RecoQA.C macro generates CINT files from the hist.root files

    1. root4star -b -q -l 'RecoQA.C("st_physics_8113044_raw_1040042.hist.root")'

    2. root4star -b -q -l 'RecoQA.C("rcf1296_02_100evts.hist.root")'

    3. root4star -b -q -l 'RecoQA.C("st_physics_9043046_raw_2030002.hist.root")'

    4. ?


  4. The CINT files are then useful for comparison to the previous reference, or storage as the new reference for a given code library. To view these plots, simply execute the CINT file with root:

    1. root -l st_physics_8113044_raw_1040042.hist_1.CC
      root -l st_physics_8113044_raw_1040042.hist_2.CC

    2. root -l rcf1296_02_100evts.hist_1.CC
      root -l rcf1296_02_100evts.hist_2.CC

    3. root -l st_physics_9043046_raw_2030002.hist_1.CC
      root -l st_physics_9043046_raw_2030002.hist_2.CC

    4. ?


  5. One can similarly execute the reference CINT files for visual comparison: 

    1. root -l $STAR/StRoot/qainfo/st_physics_8113044_raw_1040042.hist_1.CC
      root -l $STAR/StRoot/qainfo/st_physics_8113044_raw_1040042.hist_2.CC

    2. root -l $STAR/StRoot/qainfo/rcf1296_02_100evts.hist_1.CC
      root -l $STAR/StRoot/qainfo/rcf1296_02_100evts.hist_2.CC

    3. root -l $STAR/StRoot/qainfo/st_physics_9043046_raw_2030002.hist_1.CC
      root -l $STAR/StRoot/qainfo/st_physics_9043046_raw_2030002.hist_2.CC

    4. ?


  6. Steps 1-3 above should be followed immediately upon establishing a new code library. At that point, the CINT files should be placed in the appropriate CVS directory, checked in, and then checked out (migrated) into the newly established library: 

    cvs co StRoot/qainfo
    mv *.CC StRoot/qainfo
    cvs ci -m "Update for library SLXXX" StRoot/qainfo
    cvs tag SLXXX StRoot/info/*.CC
    cd $STAR
    cvs update StRoot/info


Missing information will be filled in soon. We may also consolidate some of these steps into a single script yet to come.