EPD LV Power


 EPD Low Voltage Power Supply Assembly

EPD LV PSU installed


    Do to budgetary constraints it became necessary to develop a custom power supply system for the Event Planar Detector electronics. The full system will be installed in 2018 and will be powered by 4x dual power supplies. The supplies are rated for 7- 9 VDC output @ 13ADC (~100w).


    The quoted cost from Acopian for a similar specification system was ~$2,600 / unit. For 4x units plus a spare the cost was ~$13,000.

The upfront cost for the in-house custom units (not including labor and other overhead) will be ~$500.00 / unit with a total system cost of $2,500 (~ 20% of Acopians quote).


-Internal PSU modules Meanwell PN: HRP-75-100.

-Voltage/ Current monitoring (Front Panle Meters) for the positive and negative supplies

-Power disconnect at rear panel for both detector and TUFF box power

-All outputs fused
-AC input line filter w/ fuse

-Enclosure ground / bonding points to grounded IEC cord.



-Power Supply Assembly Specifications

All workmanship and safety requirements shall meet in accordance with BNL and DOE standards as per DOE-HDBK-1092-200

- Power supply units PN: Meanwell HRP-100-7.5 shall be housed in a 19”, 2u high vented rackmount chassis.

- All grounding points provided by manufacture (chassis internal components) shall be tied to a designated grounded bonding point.
- Power input: Grounded 3x conductor IEC 125v power cable.

- Input and output power shall be protected with appropriate sized fuse(s).

-Panel Mount Drawing:

-          Mechanical fabrication (cut-outs) as per BNL-EPD-LVPSU-MECH.PDF