PWGC Meeting

2015-03-31 11:00
2015-03-31 12:30
America/New York

--- Agenda ---

1) PWG round table (1) : list of topics for QM'15
Updates received and/or discussions initiated:
2) PWG round table (2): current status of paper proposals in preparation
     --> Updates received from: HF, LFS
3) Collaboration Meeting -- June 1 - 6, 2015 at Stony Brook
     i) initial agenda has circulated and allows for two days of PWG meetings.
    ii) dedicated time reserved on the status of HP'15 and SQM'15 presentations
4) Cautionary note from S&C: please ask colleagues to carefully check their jobs before massively submitting to Condor. Keep in mind that we have been allowed to run user jobs on the PHENIX farm, which means we have to be sure not to disrupt and/or cause issues that may jeopardize said agreement.
5) AOB
   (ii) run 15 trigger board :: pAu high-mult trigger (JetCorr, BulkCorr, LFS)
  (iii) Production priorities for Run 14 and beyond - revisit 2015/03
  (iv) BUR 16/17 Committee formed: Renee Fatemi (chair)
   (v) BES physics meeting - one-day meeting time/place TBD

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