Physics Working Group

Conveners-Management Lunch Meeting

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Search for Local Strong Parity Violation in STAR Using Multiple Observables

Speaker : Dhevan Raja Gangadharan ( OSU )

Talk time : 14:00, Duration : 00:30

Reaction Plane Dependent Balance Function and LPV

v2 measurements at 200 GeV in STAR

Recent HBT measurements in STAR

Speaker : Christopher Anson

Talk time : 17:00, Duration : 00:20

Recent v1, v3 measurements in STAR

BES v2 measurements

BES particle ratio fluctuation

Speaker : Terence Tarnowsky

Talk time : 11:20, Duration : 00:20

BES higher order moments

Jet-Hadron Correlations in STAR

Leading hadron PID effects in di-hadron angular correlations

Investigating the elongated correlation structure in pseudo-rapidity with two-particle measurements

STAR upgrades - HFT, MDT and HLT

Speaker : Jim Thomas ( LBNL )

Talk time : 16:40, Duration : 00:20

Strange hadron production at BES energies

J/Psi production

Open heavy flavor production

Upsilon production in p+p, d+Au and Au+Au collisiobs

Identified hadron production at BES energies in STAR

Dilepton and resonance production

Ratio of J/Psi / Rho Photoproduction Cross Sections at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider with STAR