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Needed theme - a warning

WARNING on theme

The theme named garland should NOT be removed as it is used for basic administration tasks (via
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  • Master/Slave syncronization issues,tools,solutions etc...

    This page is dedicated to variety of master/slave syncronization issues, tools and solutions used at STAR. It is made for internal usage, tutorial for offsite facilities would be created later.

    Useful administrators links

    Granting access to nodes


    Protected area with OG mandatory group module

    How to create "STAR Protected" area using OG+"OG-mandatory-group"?

    1. Install module "OG-mandatory-group"

    Granting access to nodes: Is "nodeaccess" module good for STAR?

    A. Nodeaccess for administrators:

    1. ACLs

    Directory structure

    A directory structure of STAR Drupal

    Organic groups

    Migrating drupal to a new node

    Ideally, Drupal would be installed under a generic alias name. But if this is not done, there are a hand full of places you need to alter for a full migration.

    Existing generic accounts

    The current generic accounts are in use. Please, extend the list as new accounts are added (hopefully not many).

    Note on authorization

    Currentely, we have
    • anonymous user
    • authenticated generic
    • authenticated user
    • authenticated usr lead
    • site admin