STAR Notes

General information

STAR Notes are a collection of documents about a topic of interest to the STAR collaboration. At the present time, many of them are available on this server as PostScript documents.

There are two types of STAR notes:
  • non-controlled.
    The authors have the sole responsibility of the contents of the non-controlled STAR notes. This i the vast majority of notes.
  • controlled
    Controlled notes need an additional approval process. See STAR Note CSN0019 for the STAR management official policy for controlled STAR notes. The controlled STAR notes have the CSN designation, while non-controlled STAR notes have the SN designation. They are typically used for documenting policies, procedures, specifications or requirements of the experiment.


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  • SEARCH: In order to find a document of interest use the search. This allows you to get either complete listings of all the available titles or only a partial list by category and view any document that is stored on the web.
  • Procedure: If you are a STAR collaborator and wish to contribute a STAR note, see the STAR Note Submission Procedure Document.