SN0666 : An Event Plane Detector for STAR

Author(s):Alex Schmah (LBNL), Rosi Reed (Lehigh), Mike Lisa (Ohio State)
Date:May. 1, 2016
File(s): Construction_Proposal.pdf

We propose to construct a new, dedicated Event Plane, centrality, and trigger Detector (EPD) in the forward direction of STAR for the Beam Energy Scan (BES) phase II, anticipated for years 2018-2020. The new detector will cover the pseudo-rapidity range between 2.1 and 5.1, with high radial and azimuthal segmentation. The EPD will allow the centrality and the event plane to be measured in the forward region, reducing the systematics due to autocorrelations from mid-rapidity analyses. The baseline detector design utilizes scintillator plastic, wavelength-shifting fibers and silicon photomultipli- ers (SiPMs).

Keywords:Event Plane Detector, EPD, Beam Energy Scan, BES, Forward detector