Quality assurance

 This page collects the QA plots for data production


  • 20180615: Run17_pp510_picoDst
  • Issue 1
    • I ran my QA code on the picoDst files, and found an issue with the production. Only about 30% of the events survived the standard vertex selection cuts, i.e. |vz_TPC| < 100 cm and |vz_TPC - vz_VPD| < 6 cm. I think the reason for such a low vertex cut efficiency is that the default vertex is selected for picoDst files as the option "PicoVtxDefault" was used. However, given that these events were triggered with the VPD coincidence condition, it is better to use the option similar to that used for the standalone picoDst production, namely "PicoVtxMode:PicoVtxVpdOrDefault TpcVpdVzDiffCut:6", which selects the vertex closest to the VPD vertex. Therefore, a reproduction of the picoDst files will be needed by using the chain option mentioned above.
    • Jerome: At this stage, I suggest (request) we finish what we have ongoing and do not start new production wave of picoDSTs. The incoming format change (being discussed in a few forum) makes moving forward
      for all scheduled samples not optimal.
    • Reference: http://www.star.bnl.gov/HyperNews-star/protected/get/starsoft/10136/2.html